Short Term Training on Differential Equation

Venue: Room No. 308, West Bengal University of technology

Date: 21.12.2014



Speaker: Dr. Indranil Mukherjee

              Associate Professor, West Bengal University of Technology

Kolkata - 700064

Half day training on Differential equations for  Mathematical modelling was held with 13 participants. The training included understanding the implication of differential equations  in Mathematical Modelling (MM) of biological sciences. Modelling of non living system is much more simpler than living system. Living system has many variables which governs the system. Thus  a mathematical model should be generated for mapping any living nonlinear system. Introduction to Time series analysis was covered under this training programme.

Use of Differential Equation in MM was the main focus of the training programme the reductionist approach was explained. These concept eventually led to the use of Calculus. Ordinary differential equations (different order and degree) was explained. Different examples of Differential equations on pure birth and death model, predator-prey model, epidemiology study were clearly demonstrated. Lastly idea of automated software like Mathematica, Matlab, Statistica, Minitab, Maple etc have also given.