Short Term Training on Mathematical Biology

A five day training on MATLAB was held from 22nd to 27th December with 26 participants. Hands on training for the following were provided with real time data:


Text Box: Geometric mean calculation for the data

Text Box: Time series analysis

Text Box: De-trending of the data

Text Box: Application of Spectral density, 1D digital filter, Hodrick Prescott Filter, curve fitting tool

Text Box: Calculation of Autocorrelation, Histogram of the observed data

Text Box: •Plackett- Burman Design for Bioreactor optimization

Venue: Room No. 302, West Bengal University of technology

Date: 22.12.2014 to 27.12.2014



Speaker: Prof Debabrata Datta,

Head, Computational Radiation Physics Section Health Physics Division Bhabha Atomic Research Centre Mumbai – 400085