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The Centre of Excellence in Environmental Technology and Management is an outcome of the research endeavour which started at West Bengal University of Technology on 4th November 2004 with the second batch of faculty members joining the Biotechnology Department of the University. With them moved in national R&D grants in the field of Microbial Technology and the journey continued. The M.Tech students kept working for their 6 month projects on different aspects of microbial technology and developed leads for future R&D projects. In early 2005 the first research scholar joined the Department of Biotechnology. Under the leadership and guidance of the then Vice Chancellor (Prof A R Thakur), the group continued to work on innovative areas of Microbial technology. The work carried out by the group formed the pivotal part of the proposal that was submitted for setting up the EKTA Incubation Centre (DST sponsored).


The group soon increased and five scholars who have so far graduated from here are now placed at different institutions nationally and internationally (mentioned under MTG: Past). The constant encouragement and guidance of the administrators, faculty members and supporting staff of the University led to its receiving R&D fund to the tune of INR 3.599 crores between 2004 and 2014. There are currently five other scholars and two Work Assistants working in the group on different fellowships (mentioned under MTG: Present).


This group got the first two patents for this University and also developed three technologies to be transferred to industry during the tenure of the then Vice-Chancellor Prof S Sengupta and Pro-Vice Chancellor Prof P K Mahapatra. The group also received the Consultancy program from Intellectual Ventures Invention Network named Topic Plus program in Life Sciences in 2011-2012.


Under the able leadership of the current Vice Chancellor, Prof Ranjan Bhattacharyya, the long term effort of the group was acknowledged by the Ministry of Human Resource Development in the form of granting of the Centre of Excellence in Environmental Technology and Management under the FAST (Frontier Area of Science and Technology) scheme in August 2014.


Today the Microbial Technology group has 26 filed patents; 44 papers; 4 book chapters and 5 manuals in their research area. One of the technologies developed by this group was ranked among the top 16th in the country and won the DST Lockheed Martin India Innovation Growth Program 2014. The group has now been further strengthened by addition of an Advisor; 4 research fellows (both pre and post docs) and 2 Laboratory Assistants (COE Group). In addition 13 studentsand 2 Work Assistants have been working on the projects covered under this Centre of Excellence. It would soon be further strengthened by other supporting staff members. The constant support, encouragement and guidance of the WBUT family and the hand holding of the Project Monitoring Committee (PMC) would help continue the progress of the Centre of Excellence.

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